Pasta & Noodles

We have the finest Kosher egg pasta and noodles- authentically European.

We sampled pasta from around the world and picked you the best.

We had 10 adults sampling the pasta (& kids!) and this pasta was a winner by far.

Our egg pasta and noodles are richer in colour and more flavourful. Made with FRESH pasteurised eggs and NO additives whatsoever. The eggs are cracked and pasteurised in the morning and used that very same day. It is never left overnight.  It contains a good level of nutrition, with it's natural source of protein, vitamin B9
& the mineral phosphorous among other nutrients. It also cooks quicker, is more resistant to over cooking and will hold its shape better.

We guarantee you and your family and friends will really taste the difference.

Guaranteed stunning pasta everytime!


Wide Egg Noodles


wide noodleswide egg noodles

Thin Egg Noodles


thin noodlesthin egg noodles



egg pasta twistsegg pasta twists

Mini Twists


egg pasta mini twistsegg pasta mini twists



elbowsegg pasta elbows

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